6 Days in Cuba & 9 Products Later…

Traveling with only 1 carry on bag + a tote meant I had to *gulp* limit what skincare products I brought to Cuba. So here’s what made the cut: 

Cleansers: Osea Ocean Cleanser & H is for Love RAPHA

Osea Ocean Cleanser:

Used as a morning cleanse, this refreshingly light, gel cleanser helped to remove impurities and while maintaining a healthy looking complexion. The vegan lactic acid really helped to slough away dead skin cells, remove excess oil and tone my skin. Even though this was my first time using any Osea products and went through a complete climate change (think 85 and humid compared to 30s and snowing) I didn’t break out once 🙌🏻🙌🏻 The scent is mild and refreshing that even my fickle “I -hate-washing-my-face” boyfriend loved it.

H is for Love RAPHA

One of my favorite oil cleansers, 5 pumps of RAPHA removed all makeup, grim and sweat from a day of sightseeing. Packed full of nutrient rich oils like grapeseed and pumpkin seed oil, RAPHA is lovingly full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Like most oil cleansers, a cloth is needed to remove any excess residue which acts as the perfect exfoliation. The organic, herbal earthy scent helped to calm my very tired, overloaded travel mind.

Toner: Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

Yeah…its an obsession and hands down one of the best sprays/toners/mists. I was spritzing myself on the plane and the lady next to me goes, “would you mind spraying my face as well?” Enough said.

Oils/Serums: Odacité Bl + C & MŪN Aknari Brightening Youth Serum 

Odacité Black Cumin + Cajeput Concentrate Serum:

This was my first time using Odacité’s Bl + C concentrate serum and I was pleasantly surprised. Black Cumin prevents the spreading of bacteria while Cajeput (tree tea oil) works as a powerful antiseptic. Any time I felt the slightest big of a pimple or small red bump appear, I rubbed the smallest bit on it and by morning it had disappeared. Definitely a forever keeper. Since returning, I had a real pimple appear and it took a 2-3 days to clear up, but never turned into a full-blown gross zit (you know what I mean) and with minimal scaring.

MŪN Aknari Brightening Youth Serum:

Seriously obsessed. I used this as my serum, moisturizer, and eye cream day and night. Made of only 3 ingredients – argan oil, rose oil and prickly pear seed oil. This lightweight serum is like non other. It’s weird to say, but it almost has a bouncy like texture when you apply to your skin. Truly incredible. My skin looked so great, I hardly wore any makeup the entire trip. I will say, it has a very strong rose scent (Bulgarian Rose to be exact) to offset the not so great Prickly Pear smell.

Balm: One Love Organics Skin Savior

Surprisingly I only used this for my hands, elbows, feet and hair! I prefer to let my hair air dry on vacation so the Skin Savior helped to tame any pesky flyaways. The fruity scent is divine, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue making it a perfect hand & foot treatment. 

Deodorant: Ursa Major Hoppin Fresh Deodorant

Smells incredible, like eucalyptus, kept me smelling great, and for the most part dry – what more can you ask for? The only times I felt the slightest bit of perspiration was when we were wandering the streets at 10pm. So… over 12 hours of wear…not too shabby.

Lips: Glossier Rose balm dotcom

For some reason, whenever I travel somewhere hot I get the driest lips – even if I’m drinking water nonstop. The balm dotcom helped to keep my lips moisturized and kissable. Plus it doubled as a cuticle treatment. PS I keep one of these everywhere (work, car, bed, bathroom, in my purse, and near my coffee table…)

Others: De Mamiel Altitude Oil & Tatcha Pore Perfecting SPF 35

De Mamiel Altitude Oil

Perfect for planes, when you need a little mood lifting, or have a headache.. The scent is herbal with a twist. Made with lavender, lemon myrtle, and peppermint soothe and uplift the mind, eucalyptus and white pine help to free up the lungs. I highly recommend giving yourself a face and scalp massage using the Altitude Oil

Tatcha Pore Perfecting SPF 35 (not pictured): 

I only had a sample of this and BOY did I love it. Tatcha’s Pore Perfecting SPF protects against both UVA and UVB rays. The texture reminds me of La Mer’s Perfecting Treatment, but a little thicker with the SPF. I didn’t get a sunburn or weirdly tan so I can only assume this stuff works! Worked great as a primer the one time I wore makeup without leaving an oily residue. A+ on all accounts.
Generally, any time I travel (especially to somewhere warm) I breakout. Airplanes + new weather conditions just don’t mix well with my skin. But this is the first time none of that happened! What are your travel essentials?

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