Let’s get personal | Kali Organic Tampons

When I found out that conventional tampon brands use chlorine-free bleach (but still bleach) and cotton that is full of pesticides, I just about freaked out. All those chemicals neatly packed inside my vajay-jay FOR YEARS. Plus, the FDA classifies tampons as “medical devices” meaning materials do not have to be listed on labels. Oh joy (please note the intense sarcasm in my voice). 

Cue Kali Box – a monthly or bi-monthly subscription box of 100% certified organic feminine products. Founded by Sara Shake and Jonna Pirra the two coined the phrase “Friends don’t let friends use nonorganic tampons.” Amen, sister. 

There are two box options:

  1. Organic Cotton Tampons (14) or Pads (16), Kali Wipettes (10), Organic Cotton Panty Liners (10) and a rotating Pampering Product. Monthly or bimonthly, $19.95 + $2.95 shipping fee.
  2. 32 Organic Tampons with your choice of Absorbency: All Regular, All Super, or Half & Half. Bimonthly only, $15 + $2.95 shipping fee.

To make each box even sweeter, for each box sold $1 is donated to Girl Up, an adolescent girl campaign by the United Nation’s Foundation. Advocating for girls who live in areas where it is hardest to be a girl, Girl Up empowers girls everywhere by creating programs that support the health, safety and education of girls in developing countries.
Learn more about Girl Up here.

Alright, let’s get personal. Because the truth of the matter is not all tampons are created equal, and every woman has her own feminine hygiene preferences.

For my needs, I chose the tampon only box. I tend to lean towards a VERY thin, thong-friendly pad, so I already knew this box would be best. My box contained half-and-half box of regular and super, totaling in 32 tampons. 

Packaging: Completely plastic free! Comes in a chic box that doesn’t scream TAMPONS. I adore the leafy print inside.

Applicator: Even though cardboard applicators are eco-friendly, they aren’t my favorite. I find myself struggling every once in awhile that leads to tossing a perfectly good tampon in frustration.

The Tampon: These tampons expand horizontally, revealing an absorbent core. I’ve struggled with other organic brands because it seemed I was changing ever hour. Such a pain. Not here! I get a few hours of bliss free period life. 

Even though there are some personal cons, the absorbency is a huge plus! There’s nothing more frustrating that running to the lou all day when you’re on your period. The subscription makes it easy to never forget to buy tampons aka no late night runs or begging your boyfriend to pick them up. Plus, you can easily cancel or change your options. There is a small shipping fee of $2.95. Generally this would bother me, but is outweighed by how eco-friendly the entire Kali experience is.

I haven’t decided if Kali are the organic tampons the “perfect” fit, however I strongly believe these are an incredible eco-econsious, do good option! Stay tuned as the tampon hunt continues…

Subscribe to Kali Box and save $5 off your first box!

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