I choose love ❤️ 

Yesterday’s election, like many shocked me to my core. A heavy, ground breaking core that was shattered like a bat hitting a window. At 2:36am, I secretly cried as my boyfriend slept next to me. The anger of knowing that I once lived in an America where people were embraced for their differences was and still is overwhelming. I refuse to imagine an America were some want to buy a confederate flag. I refuse to think there are some who want to limit love, and tell me how or what to do with my body. I refuse to think a nation built by immigrants, wants to close its doors and hearts to people seeking asylum, or to those who want to create a life in an competitive, accepting country. The thought is devasting.

The unfortunate reality is that the America I once knew and loved is not the same to everyone. However, I can only hope that one day this will pass. That the rest of America will “wake up” and remember that ignorance is not bliss. It’s just ignorance.

Until then, I can only choose love and hope, and do my part to ensure that I and those around me do not feel isolated in this time of change. To stand up for my rights, and the rights I believe other’s deserve. Not for any reason, other than they are people. Not defective, or faulty, just people. To remember that I strive in chaos, and do my best when faced obstacles.

I choose to try. To love, and to not give up hope.

But that’s the thing right there… it’s I that choose, and no one can take that from me.

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Avid enthusiast of living life, green product junkie, and being fashionably comfortable. Oh, and I'm mildly obsessed with my dog. Woof.

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