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When it comes to hair… I am probably the last person you’d ever want to take hair advice from. I have very thick, stick straight brownish black hair, I hardly ever blow dry my hair, the only brushing (combing) it gets is right after a shower, and if I can go 3-4 days without washing my hair.. PERFECT. However, the one hair product I can’t live without (minus dry shampoo) is hair oil. 

All my life until a few years ago, I washed my hair every day resulting in an oily scalp. Once I was able to “train” my scalp to washing less frequently, I have found that my once oily scalp leans towards the dry side. Especially on day 3 sans wash. Hair oils work wonders to help calm the scalp and add extra nourishment to your locks. So, when Levert Beauty had their 

20% off sale… I just had to try Jordan Seban’s L’huile.

Jordan Seban L’Huile, 3.4 oz, $48.

So, what is L’Huile? A magical blend of seven organic oils that are cold pressed to preserve the fatty acids, minerals and nutritional properties like Vitamin A, B and E. Jordan Seban selected each oil for their nourishing, hydrating and protecting properties to help restore your hairs natural balance after years of damage and neglect (like the year I let my brother highlight my hair 😖). What’s incredible is all the ways that you can use L’Huile, which over the course of 5 days, I tested:

Day 1: About 10 minutes before washing my hair, I massaged a dime-sized amount into my scalp to calm my dry, slightly itchy scalp (I hadn’t washed my hair in 4 days). After washing and towel drying, I applied a dime sized amount to the middle and ends of my hair. Combed through, and let air dry. Didn’t see a difference in drying time, but ends seemed shiney, and not frizzy like my hair generally is after air drying. My scalp felt calmed, not itchy, and the roots of my hair seemed extra perky. Rubbed the excess oil in my hands on my arms – not bad. 

Day 2: After dry-shampooing, applied dime-sized amount to the same areas as Day 1 on dry hair. WOW! Made my hair extremely soft and radiant. Highly recommend brushing hair after applying L’Huile to dry hair. Helps to evenly distribute oils. Side bonus, hair doesn’t feel greasy. 

Day 3: This is generally my breaking point of going sans-wash. My hair/scalp start to get really dry by the end of the day. The night before, I applied a nickle-sized amount the bottom 2 inches of my hair as an over-night leave in treatment for my split ends. Expect your ends to look slightly oily. In the morning, I brushed through my hair, and the split ends looks much healthier, glossier and nourished. Definitely does not get rid of split ends, but they are less noticeable to the eye. I washed my hair that night since Day 3 is generally a “bun” day, however I would suggest washing your hair in the morning if you plan on wearing your hair down. 

Day 4: Skipped using L’Huile. My hair still looked healthy and glossy after the overnight treatment. 

Day 5: Washed hair, and applied L’Huile the same as Day 1, however I blow dried my hair after. It generally takes me about 5 minutes to dry my hair, so I’m not sure it there was a dramatically “shorter” drying time. However, after using a round brush to blow out my hair, I saw that the results looked and felt similar to when I go to a salon to get a blow-out! The ends of my hair seemed to have a lot more bounce, and I saw less flyaways and breakage. Very happy!

You can also use L’Huile as a hair protectant before swimming from chlorine or salty water AND as a body oil. 

Okay, let’s talk ingredients, because seven oils sounds a little fishy, but each of these oils are packed with so much goodness, it’s no surprise L’Huile is incredible.

Organic Shea nut oil, Organic Safflower oil, Organic Arian oil, Organic Sweet Almond oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Organic Avocado oil, Organic Macadamia oil, Organic Fragrance oil, Vitamin E.

  • Shea Nut oil: Much lighter than Shea Butter, this highly concentrated oil has extremely moisturizing properties
  • Safflower oil: Contains high amounts of oleic acid and antioxidants. Light and easily absorbed into skin and hair
  • Argan oil: Multi-tasking moisturizer with amazing skin and hair benefits such as antioxidants, Vitamin E and fatty acids with protective and nourishing properties
  • Sweet Almond oil: Rich in Vitamin A, B & E, helps to promote skin and hair health by turning dry, dull hair shiney
  • Jojoba oil: Mimics natural sebum, helps to protect and moisturize hair/skin and regulates oil production
  • Macadamia oil: Contains one of the highest amounts of omega-7 fatty acids, making it extremely exceptional skin nourishment
  • Avocado oil: Rich in saturated fats that help to strengthen hair, retain moisture, and revives/protects dry, damaged hair

As a surprising twist, my boyfriend loves using this as a beard oil, especially because the scent has such a unique, warm nutty smell with a slight orange blossom after note. So far, I’m loving L’Huile, and this absolutely GORGEOUS bottle lives happily displayed in my bathroom. The only downside is pouring the oil into your hand vs. using a glass dropper. So be careful! Very little product is needed since the formula is highly concentrated. A little goes a long way. 

I would even go as far to call this a luxury hair oil, it’s that wonderful. To me $48 for 3.4oz is quite reasonable when you think about how little product is needed to have an high impact and the dual uses (and now I can get rid of all my boyfriends gross beard oils taking up precious bathroom shelf space ☺️) Plus when compared to other luxury hair brands (like Oribe and Davines), L’Huile falls right in line price-wise, with out the harmful chemicals. 

So, treat yourself! Your hair will thank you later. 

You can purchase Jordan Seban L’Huile here:

Jordan Seban
Levert Beauty

Also.. just had to share this picture I took, because the reflection is absolutely insta-swoon worthy. 

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