A Road to Loving Myself

I’m relatively new to this journey of self discovery, and I’ve used a lot of this time to reflect on the decisions I’ve made that lead me to today. I genuinely believed that this journey started in July, but in reality it started years ago.

Recently, my life needed another change – a time to recenter myself. So from then to now, here are the things I chose to do to help me discover who I am today.

1. Remove the toxins. The hardest, and most rewarding step. Take the time to see who and what in your life are preventing you from being your best possible self.

2. Declutter. It could just be a me thing… but discovering what has profound meaning helps me remove the junk. Creating a clean space I enjoy allows me to start each day loving my environment.

3. Spend time with those who matter. Surround yourself with love, and those whom you can’t imagine life without. You’ll never get that time back, and you don’t always have to run “squad deep.”

4. Take “you” time. Indulge in a spa day, go to the gym, wherever is you “happy” place – go there. Don’t be ashamed to love yourself. Often.

5. Accept change, and be okay with saying “no.” It’s human nature to please and want to be accepted, but being okay with saying “no” to what you don’t believe in is self-empowering. Stand up for yourself, and accept change.

6. Embrace yourself & and just Be. You will find the people that love you for you, once you’ve decided on who you want to be.

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Avid enthusiast of living life, green product junkie, and being fashionably comfortable. Oh, and I'm mildly obsessed with my dog. Woof.

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