Welp, here goes nothing…



I love this picture. Why? This is the first picture of me sans crazy work life. We’ve all been there…working 50…55…60…65 hours a week, and home is just a cozy space to sleep. Date nights, or just dinner with your family and the look on your significant other’s face the moment your phone rings. The time missed with your family, the holidays with no memories, and maybe Netflix was/is my best friend? I had never even experienced a weekend in my adult life. And if I did go on vacation, I was still tied to my phone and laptop. Crazy, right? But when push comes to shove, there’s a lot of us out there living the same life.

THEN! One day I woke up and BAM! I gave my two weeks, I had NO plans, and here I am. Uncommitted to anything except my incredible boyfriend and the love of my life, my dog Tanner. Okay well… in reality, after a month of being a bum, I took a job at a non-profit and I LOVE LIFE! Time has slowed, and I’m no longer missing everything, and pretending to live vicariously through someone else’s Instagram.

So…this picture. On my very first Saturday (my boyfriend calls me a Born-Again-Weekender), my wonderful boyfriend surprised me bright and early with a “Let’s go strawberry picking!” I haven’t been strawberry picking since I was a little kid. We didn’t know where to go, so we drove until we found the wonderful “U-PICK” sign. It was the end of strawberry season, and the weatherman predicted a huge storm that day. We were surrounded by rows and rows of strawberries, and not a person in sight except the farmer. The farmer said to us “there’s nothing left, you won’t find anything.”

Welp, we found strawberries, just check out our freezer. I also learned a valuable lesson that day – there’s always something to be discovered.

love always,



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Avid enthusiast of living life, green product junkie, and being fashionably comfortable. Oh, and I'm mildly obsessed with my dog. Woof.

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