Review | HERBIVORE Botanicals Lapis Face Oil & Jasmine Body Oil

I may be a little behind the trend of switching to natural, toxin free skincare and beauty products, but I am finally onboard. After one late night of reading one too many articles of every bad ingredient in almost every skincare and beauty product I have, I tossed EVERYTHING (imagine my boyfriend freaking out over the $$$ I just tossed).

Cue Herbivore Botanicals – a husband-wife duo from Seattle leading the way in holistic, natural, green (whatever you want to call it) skincare since 2011. They describe their philosophy as:

Truly Natural, Sensorial Beauty. 

“We bring you truly natural, cruelty free skincare that provides results you can see and feel. We also believe skincare should smell and feel amazing and add enjoyment to your daily routine.”

Created With: Natural ingredients, plant-based food-grade cold-pressed oils, steam distilled therapeutic-grade essential oils, natural plant-based butters, natural clays and plant-based waxes, recyclable and reusable glass packaging. 

Created Without: Synthetic ingredients, plastic packaging, animal ingredients, animal testing, artificial scents, artificial colors.dyes, parabens, sodium laurel, sulfate, phthalate, chemicals, fillers, mineral oils, petroleum.

You can learn more about how amazing Herbivore is by going here:

So, what did I buy? I splurged on quite a bit, but I’m starting off with my personal favorite, the Jasmine Body Oil. I opted for the 2oz version for $26 – I figured just in case I didn’t love it, I would put it to good use in my gym bag. But of course, I LOVE this body oil. I first sampled the Citrine body oil at the Tower Hill Botanical Garden gift shop in Massachusetts – that’s when I fell in love, so really I don’t know why I didn’t opt for the larger, 4oz size. I guess I was trying be to practical? Anyways, right on the label is says “Glowing Hydration” and trust me, this small oil bottle does just that. The oil immediately sinks right into your skin, just as the smell of jasmine bursts into the air. The fragrance makes me think of my younger days running around Hawaii surrounded by pikake (the Hawaiian word for jasmine). If you don’t like floral scents, or mostly jasmine, you should opt for the citrusy equivalent, Citrine Body Oil.

2-3 pumps is all you need to adequately cover one leg, but with such a small bottle, I use the Jasmine Body Oil mostly at night. Plus, I love how soft, supple, and glow-y my legs look in the morning. Since no oily residue is left behind, I don’t have to worry about sheets being covered in oil, or better yet your clothes if you choose to use this AM & PM. As a side bonus, the oil is housed in a glass bottle – just adding to the Herbivore luxury.

Ok, so if you’re like me, you might be wondering what’s in this magical bottle?

What’s missing here?? TOXINS
With the seasons quickly changing, or if you have dry skin, or just want healthier, happier, glowing skin, go buy! I truly, honestly love the Jasmine Body Oil. Once my 2oz bottle runs out, I will happily buy the 4oz size.


I also bought the Lapis Face Oil Roller 0.3oz, $26 – mostly because it’s blue. You could also purchase the larger, 1.7oz bottle for $77. But seriously, how could you not want to try a blue face oil? Plus, the Lapis oil contains blue tansy that acts as a

“powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that aids in reducing redness and clarifying the complexion.”

Lapis Face Oil Roller 0.3oz, $26. Photo cc: Herbivore Botanicals
I tend to have oily/combination skin, that leans more towards the dry side during the winter. I’m prone to the occasional, pesky breakout and surprisingly I find that face oils really help to calm my skin when it’s at its worst. Immediately, I was drawn to the Lapis Face Oil over the Orchid or Phoenix oils in part because I already have a super-rich face oil that I love. But an face oil that I could use in the morning before putting on makeup without the oily feeling? DONE!

I’ve used the Lapis Face Oil almost every morning since purchasing (approximately 2 weeks now) and within 3 days I saw visibly smaller pores around my nose and the redness on my chin began to go away. I will admit, I did have a small reaction on my cheeks however generally when I switch products, or the seasons begin to change my skin starts to break out. However, after continual use the breakouts began to subside (however they aren’t 100% gone).

The roller size does not come with ingredients listed, however you can find them by going here. Although I opted for the roller size, I do find the roller slightly cumbersome. The instructions say “rub onto fingers and apply” I found I had a difficult time applying the oil to my fingers, and the process was extremely time consuming. I prefer to rub right onto my freshly cleansed face. Very little product is dispensed from the roller, but don’t fret! A little goes a long way, and you will be presently surprised how little product you need for extremely noticeable results.

 Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Herbivore Botanicals. I absolutely adore the Jasmine Body Oil, and I have already made a nice spot on my beauty shelf (shelves) so this pretty AMAZING product has a permanent home. I am still on the fence on the Lapis Face Oil. I loved the immediate results I saw, but a longer testing period will help me decide. Plus I can’t tell if the small breakout on my face is seasonal or because of the face oil. Either way, I love what Herbivore stands for, and if you’re a sucker for packaging like me, welp… you’ll be happy.

Both products can be purchased at Since all the products are handmade and 100% natural, there tend to be variations from batch to batch. However, Herbivore does not accept returns unless the product is damaged. If you’re on the fence, or are unsure of how your skin will react, I would recommend purchasing from a return-friendly store, like Nordstrom which recently just started carrying Herbivore. YAY!!! You can also check out the Stockists for a list of online and local retailers that carry Herbivore.


I’ll quit my ramblings now, but have you tried other Herbivore Botanical products? What are your thoughts? Let me know, leave a comment below!

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