#adoptdontshop | Meet Tanner!

This is Tanner! A way too cute 12lb ball of fluff who loves hiking and is a professional couch/bed hog. This “senior lady” is quite possibly the love of my life and the best thing to ever happen to me. When people say “dogs are family” or really any pet, they are 100% correct. Tanner is my baby. I treat her like one, I talk to her like a human and I love her oh so much. Granted she has her moments, but ugh! She’s just so cute that I can never stay mad at her for long.

Tanner at MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire
After 7 years of being together, it’s easy to reflect our beginnings, but man was living it difficult.

I’ve always had a “thing” for humane societies and animals, in fact when I go on family vacations, my mother has a VERY strict “1 animal per day” rule – meaning I can only stop once each day to pet an animal 🤓 When I was a freshman in college, I decided it would be a good idea to visit the humane society. I walked up and down the rows and rows of animals, until I finally turned the corner into the puppy/small dog area. That’s when I saw Tanner. In the very far corner, in a tiny metal cage. She looked exactly like my very first dog, Shawney, who was the world’s best Samoyed. My heart literally sank as her little head perked up as she heard me coming… and then we locked eyes. It was all over at that point.

I thought to myself “I’m 18 years old, I have a job, and my mom pays all my bills! I can buy a dog! I’m a responsible adult!!” (Feel free to laugh) I was told that Tanner was found wandering along the high way, tattered and slightly malnourished. It’s believed she had a litter of puppies at some point, and that she once had a family because she knew basic commands like “sit” and “come.” So, $161.62 later I was the proud new owner of Tanner.

Somewhere in Maine
Naturally, Tanner needed all the coolest things. She had/has Puppia harnesses and leashes, got a fancy travel bag, a waaayy to expensive dog crate, and a Juicy raincoat with pink polka-dots. Initially I wasn’t going to tell my mom about my new friend, until 3 weeks later when I was COMPLETELY broke and starving. Cue any angry mom yelling, screaming, scary faces, or silent angry death stares you could possibly think of.

Anyways, the next four years of college were the hardest for Tanner and I, but I really wouldn’t change a single moment. It’s weird to say, but I learned more from Tanner than I did all throughout college. I learned about friendship, and unconditional love. Putting something or someone else’s needs before yours. About responsibility, trust and loyalty. Managing finances and preparing for unexpected costs (or vet visits…). Wanting to explore new places, and feeling secure, but most importantly about love.

The way Tanner looks at me longingly, or rushes to the door the second she hears my car pull up. Or that when it’s bedtime, the second I hop under the sheets, she crawls right over to me and lays her head against my chest (but she never does this with my boyfriend). That no matter how many people are around or where she is, the second she hears my voice she’s right next to me. Her desire to learn new tricks, or her sassyness if we try to buy her “cheap” dog treats. Or that Barkbox has literally ruined every box that arrives at our doorstep.

Anyways, to make a long story short, ADOPT DON’T SHOP. There are so many animals that need someone to love them, and provide a forever home. I promise that there is nothing defective or wrong with any animals from a rescue. It’s been seven short years so far, and I can’t wait to see what else our lives have in store with each other.
Check out all of Tanner’s super cute tricks! I apologize in advance for the music, and mess… we were in the process of moving 😳



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