Welcome to ohheyytiff, just a happy place to be 😄

Hello World!

Some days, we all need change. It may be small, or catastrophic, but we know one thing for sure… change is inevitable. Recently, secondlittlebridge turned into ohheyytiff. A really minor, relative change in the scheme of the world but for me this is a labor of love, an outlet, and save haven.

Ohheyytiff is my baby (besides my little fur-babe Tanner 🐶) – my “happiness project” if you like. My hope is that this blog will also be your happy place. Whether if it’s discovering a new product, place, or thing or my incessant use of commas, I hope that somehow ohheyytiff makes you smile.

I’ve learned something really interesting that I have to share with you. Everywhere you go, there a small niches and communities waiting to be discovered. The blogging community, the green beauty community, the fashion community etc… all have welcomed me in this new venture with open arms. It’s absolutely incredible. Complete strangers are waiting to give you guidance and watch you succeed. To show you kindness. And to remind you, you are never alone.

Anyways, welcome to ohheyytiff – just a happy place to be.
p.s. This picture was taken at the top of the Inca Trail in Peru. Words of wisdom from Frank Lloyd Wright 💭

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Avid enthusiast of living life, green product junkie, and being fashionably comfortable. Oh, and I'm mildly obsessed with my dog. Woof.

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